60gpm @ 30psi
Emergency Mixing Valve
Model: SV160
  • Patented Design
  • Integral cold water bypass rate from 14-45 GPM
  • Dual thermostats for redundancy
  • Positive hot water shut-off exceeds ASSE 1071 requirements
  • Powerful liquid filled thermostat
  • Compensates for supply line temperature and pressure changes
  • Outlet flow is full cold upon thermostat failure
  • Tamper-resistant control adjustment
  • Rugged design; stainless steel piston and liner
  • Valve can recirculate both hot and cold water supply
  • Easy-maintenance valve; can be maintained without removal

The Stingray SV160 is designed for multiple showers and/or eyewashes.  The valve offers engineers, owners and users the peace of mind and safety offered by Stingray’s positive hot water shut-off and integral cold water bypass features. The SV160 is lead-free.