Floor Mounted
Tepid Emergency System
Model: S9300

Stingray offers complete tepid solutions for projects in remote locations or locations having only cold water available.

The Stingray S9300 Tepid Emergency System includes:

  • 118 Gallon Tank where the water is heated and stored at 180 F. Custom sizes available.
  • Complete solution: comes with a Stingray Emergency shower or combination shower eye/face wash system.
  • Stingray’s SV125 and SV107 thermostatic mixing valves with positive hot water shut-off and integral cold water bypass that exceed ASSE 1071.
  • Common power requirements are not a drain on the building’s existing system.
  • The Accumulator flattens temperature spikes throughout the system.
  • Integral heat trap prevents hot water migration.
  • Available with any of our emergency showers or our combination shower eye/face wash systems.
  • Designed to go through a standard 36” opening door.